The art of pizza

Fralo’s Art of Pizza has a reputation for being one of the city’s best pizza places. Located right off I-10 in Leon Springs, Fralo’s is a perfect place to be on a Saturday night.

Fralo’s offers eleven signature pizzas, so there is a pizza for everyone. The ‘Grant’s Pear Pizza’ tends to be a favorite among regulars. The pizza has a very interesting mix of flavors, including the sweet caramelized pears mixed with Gorgonzola cheese. This combination is a fresh way to look at a pizza. Fralo’s also tops their pizza with other combination not normally seen, such as lamb, potatoes and bacon, and garlic chicken with pine nuts. Fralo’s also offers three classic pizza’s for those less adventurous but still appreciative of good taste, margherita, and pepperoni. If the fourteen pizzas on the menu do not seem to satisfy your palette, there is always the option to build your own pizza.

Fralo’s also has many other options that compliment their pizza. From garlic butter bread to calamari a normal house salad to a decked out Greek salad, and for the pasta you get to choose from lasagna to spicy shrimp spaghetti.

With tiramisu, tall chocolate vanilla turtle cheesecake, Gisela’s cream cheese pannacotta and Tootie’s apple pie. Tootie’s apple pie, tastes just like home. Made fresh at Tootie Pie in Boerne it is sure to please if the pickiest eater.

Fralo’s also has 28 different types of beer to offer with the addition of five draft beers. They also have a large wine selection. Fralo’s offers a cork fee, which means you can bring in a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine from home for just $5. Fralo’s is warm and welcoming. Every night, starting when the sun goes down, Fralo’s offers live music. The music is just diverse as their food. You will hear country sounds, opera and sometimes instrumental. The bands and performers come from all over; some are locals from right here in San Antonio.

The wait time can sometimes be as long as an hour for a seat at Fralo’s, but they also offer delivery, pick up orders, and take back and bake pizzas.

Keep your eyes out before and after a UTSA football game, you might spot Fralo’s vintage fire truck, with a newly renovated brick oven built into the back. The owners have been spotted selling $5 personal pizzas.