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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Sonidas de el sur: San Antonio’s spring music lineup

It’s no surprise that hidden within the hill country of the I-35 corridor you will find an abundance of music culture, particularly in San Antonio. Home of Music Biz Day, Mala Luna, Maverick Music Festival and UTSA Underground, to name a few local staples, San Antonio artists continue to push out exciting work in 2018. In case your semester has kept you listening to the same songs on repeat, here are some local releases worth checking out.


Electronic-laden post-punk band Filthy have hit the ground running in 2018. In support of their second EP “Fault in Tolerance,” the trio have already completed a two-week run to the east coast. Catch them the next time they play in town (it’s not often).


Jonah Conrad

Timewheel artist, Jonah Conrad, recently released his latest work entitled the “Frequency LP.” Known widely as one of the top underground house artists in San Antonio his underground house/loft shows in the Blue Star District are the place to experience San Antonio DIY. Through a combination of house music, ethereal soundscapes and a superstar roster of features “Frequency LP” is sure to be one of the most approachable works coming out of San Antonio.


Dungeon-dwelling, Crawl shook the metal scene this year when he released this split with prominent black metal act, Leviathan. The nightmare-summoning cassette release has already sold out online. Both sides are one-man projects from opposite ends of the country. For fans of misery, self-loathing, despair and woe.


                                                  Garrett T. Caps

Garrett T. Caps is making his homwtown proud after releasing “Born in San Antone.” Set to release “In the Shadows (Again)” this May, Capps has been busy spreading his folk tex-mex americana gospel with a heavy show schedule. Capps’ music was also featured in the third season of  HBO’s “Billions.”



                                                  16 the Olympus

Experimental Jazz quintet 16 the Olympus released their first studio album this February. Influenced by psyche, hip-hop, ambient soundscapes and a plethora of other genres, their self-titled new album is a unique piece of instrumental San Antonio music that you should be listening to.



Notable instrumental rock trio, Verisimilitude (another Timewheel artist) released their fourth body of work this March. The self titled album was followed shortly after by a week-long Texas tour.



                                                 Saigon Sinners

“Provocateurs” and true rockers, Saigon Sinners, released their debut EP “Tết” this February. The four piece has remained lowkey playing select local shows. Do not miss their authentic rock’n’roll blues next time they play in town.




Luke Mitchell, multinstrumentalist and mastermind of Slomobile has created a truly atmospheric piece of indie pop that embodies a DIY ethos. His February self-titled release was produced, mixed, mastered and tracked entirely by Mitchell. Slomobile recently performed on TPR and has several out of town dates this summer alongside local artist, Elnuh.

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