Initiatives of both present and future

Initiatives of both present and future

Editorial Board and Kenyatta Battle

President Eighmy has been informing students and staff about various initiatives that the university plans to enact. A few of these initiatives are apart of the Campus Master Plan, which focuses on creating a framework for the development of UTSA campuses over the next 10 years. It also hopes to enhance the Downtown and Main Campus, while still being an urban-serving university.

UTSA also plans to develop a Center of Excellence for over 350 student athletes. This center is aimed to help student athletes excel against their D1 competition. Each of these developments have the potential to change UTSA from a commuter campus to a top tier university. Even though the UTSA administration is advocating for institutional enhancement, current students may not want to see their university changed from a close knit institution into a large, unrecognizable, top tier university. 

UTSA should not strive for infrastructal growth if it will alienate its current students for the potential of becoming a renowned university. For example, UTSA’s administration is currently trying to find ways to get students to live at the new downtown housing area; however, students at the Main Campus have still been requesting class spaces for their major and for parking to improve. 

UTSA staff should also stop finding different ways to fund athletic departments (ventures). Instead, these funds should be used to enhance different departments and courses; so, students do not have to pray they get into a course before it’s full or have to take a shuttle to a campus that most students don’t or want or can’t  to travel too. 

Rather than invest in sports the university needs to invest in students, arts and humanities. Instead of solely focusing on the future, UTSA should also focus on the present. UTSA shouldn’t get so caught up planning for the future, which can destroy what makes us great now.