Staring at the ceiling

Isaiah Pryce

Legendary tales often start with humble modest beginnings and or harsh but necessary steps. College is a transformative experience that will change you based on your actions. You may ask, why are we connecting college experience to the humble beginnings of an epic story? One answer to this question comes from the support, convenience and community coming from living on campus. It is imperative that students do this because it leads to a more empowering tale at UTSA.

The support that on-campus living provides elevates our well-being by creating a strong foundation. UTSA residence halls are staffed by diligent, caring individuals, and there are a myriad of services offered by the university that allow housing to offer enriching experiences to residents.  For example, Health Services teachs coping mechanisms to deal with depression and anxiety.  Regarding safety UTSA has a phenomenal police department that supervises the activities of the university’s facilities and residence halls. There is a degree of camaraderie between the officers and students; for instance, if a student is at the library late at night, then an officer can escort them back to their hall. College is a daunting experience to endure by yourself, so having support alleviates the pressure greatly.

In addition, living on campus is more convenient; commutes to class, appointments and interviews require only 7-10 minute walks because of how close housing is to the main campus. If you are like me and need to get every minute of sleep before starting the day, being close to campus lets you hit the snooze button a few more times. Another part of this convenience is the benefit of always being informed of events. Speaking from experience, if I did not live on campus my freshman year, I would have spent most of my days staring at the ceiling until I eventually fell asleep. Developing the courage to step out, so I could attend events and make friends, came about from seeing vivid posters around my residence hall.  There is a connection at UTSA’s housing that fills me with a sense of belonging. Why would you want to complicate your college experience in any way? Living on campus caters to the students.

Aside from exterior qualities, on campus housing instills a sense of community. While the sense of independence you get from living on your own is exhilarating, it can be burdensome to shoulder on your own… UTSA, being a university that harbors a diverse student body, sets the stage for unity amongst those who live on campus. Because they share space with individuals going through similar experiences, students can feel as if they are at home when at the residence hall.

We are the captains of our own ships steering our destiny through a sea of turbulent waves. Living on campus provides a structure similar to a map that may lead to treasure and discovery. For me, the experience of living on campus is the muse that inspired me to enjoy my college experience as best I could, and, perhaps, it can inspire you too.