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There are just some places in which you just feel like you’re at home. The Pizza House may be one of them, especially if you come from a broken house with neglectful parents.

The Pizza House, located at the intersection of Chase Hill Blvd and the North loop of 1604 is in a very convenient location for UTSA students. The intersection is where many student housing complexes are, such as Maverick Creek Villas and High View Place. Furthermore, it is 10 minutes away from UTSA, making it an inviting opportunity for the students who stay late studying.

When you arrive at the restaurant it seems like any other restaurant & bar. The plasma TVs are set in the walls, often showing ESPN or the Women National Track Competition. The place has a dimly lit atmosphere, which allows the intermingling lights that decorate the vanilla and crimson walls to give an inviting and modern look to the restaurant. The lights are in tune with a loud playlist that is carefully selected to please most of the students. Nothing controversial is played, mostly Oasis, Coldplay or U2. The place and the decoration are a terrific façade for the troubles you might find inside.

The restaurant is owned by the two Singh brothers, despite having placed the sign a year ago; they opened the restaurant around last December. The place is oriented towards UTSA students and it is shown in the prices, which are very affordable; a big slice of pizza for $1.89 and a complete 1 topping pizza for $7.99. The menu includes Buffalo wings, garlic bread sticks and a very basic variety of plates, nothing unusual in a student oriented restaurant.

The client has to rely on the waitresses if he wants napkins because there are none in the tables., It might seem like just a minor inconvenience, but it is not; especially when you consider that the waitresses seem to be unconcerned for the customer (at least the Friday night ones.) At times, all the waitresses, which also serve as bar tenders, disappeared from the floor and enter the kitchen. The three of them would stay there for a minute or two, perhaps resting, then continue serving the tables. I saw a waitress bring a big 16″ pizza to an old couple, almost throw it on the table and immediately walk away, no courteous wait, no questions asked and specially no smiling. After ordering I had to wait for half an hour for them to bring my pizza which surprisingly, was delicious. The cheese used in its confection and the toppings are as good as they can get.

The food in the Pizza House is good, the prices and the location are great, but the service is just awful. Those girls are like laser beams, focusing their gaze in a specific point while they walk towards their destination and god knows they don’t have any intention of looking around. One would believe this is only a case of absent management but it is not, since the manager, Mr. Navjot Singh, is constantly there but he is as neglectful as the waitresses. I sincerely recommend The Pizza House to all UTSA students, only if the Whataburger down the block is closed—mind you, it never is.

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