Volleyball off to fast start in 2018 season


Hannah Lopez about to hit a ball against North Texas. Jack Myer/The Paisano

Nisa Rodriguez

  UTSA swept the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss University (USM) on Friday, Sept. 21. The Golden Eagles’ record is 6-8 (0-1 C-USA), while UTSA held the record of 9-4 (1-0 C-USA). Both teams were on fire at the game, but UTSA came out on top again with the hot score of 3-1. 

     UTSA player, Amanda Gonzalez, began the game by serving into the first set. Southern Miss was quick to get the first point, but UTSA was right behind them. The ‘Runners and the Golden Eagles continued back and forth with the score, until UTSA reached a three-point lead at 6-3. An USM player attempted a kill, but UTSA players Kenedi Rutherford and Hannah Froeschl jumped to block the ball, making it bounce back to the Eagles side — UTSA gained the point 7-3. Southern Miss caught up, earning a score of 16-15. UTSA had no choice but to call a timeout. Both teams were fighting to get a lead. UTSA made a mistake and handed USM a point, making the score 17-17. The game continued to go back and forth as both teams fought to win the first set of the game. 

     UTSA continued to make ball-handling errors;USM won the first set 25-21. UTSA gained the lead in the second set with a quick four points, leaving USM with one point. The game got intense as USM realized UTSA was not going down without a fight. UTSA player, Shelby Williams made an impressive save by diving across the hand side of the court to save a kill made by USM. Her teammates followed up, and Lopez made a kill. USM caught up and evened the score at 12-12. UTSA continued their action and gained a five point lead, causing USM to call a timeout. UTSA player, Kara Teal caught the Golden Eagles off guard and tapped the ball over their block. Teal made an aggressive kill over the net, making UTSA win the second set of the game at a score of 25-17.

Jack Myer/The Paisano

     Gonzalez served first into the third set of the game. Once again, both teams were playing head-to-head, not allowing anyone to gain a lead. UTSA broke the trend and ran a four point lead. Froeschl made a kill and causing USM to call a timeout with the score at 8-3. Lopez was on fire during this set, making several kills and bringing the teams score to 22-21. UTSA player, Emily Ramirez made an amazing save by one of the Eagles kill and set up Lopez to make another kill 24-21. The ‘Runners were ready to win the next point. The ball was set up for Teal as she made the kill, going through the block and helped the team win the third set of the game at 25-22. 

     USM began the fourth set to a shaky start, but did not let UTSA gain a lead. Both teams went back-and-forth between scoring at 7-7. Williams made several diving saves and Teal made several kills. After a few mistakes made by USM, the score tied again at 17-17. UTSA was first to get a three point lead on the Golden Eagles. USM  caught up but could not even the score. Brianna McCulloch made a kill and the ‘Runners won the last set at 25-21. UTSA won overall at 3-1.  

     Both teams played exceptional, but the ‘Runners came out on top. They also won this past Sunday against the University of North Texas with the score of 3-0. See the Roadrunners in action at their next home game Friday, Oct. 12 against Florida International University at the Convocation Center at 7 p.m.