Where’s the Originality?

I was originally going to write a Holiday movie preview, but browsing through the list of major releases made me think of another more pressing issue for Hollywood. Where have all the original ideas gone?

I did a column a few months ago about how crappy the summer movie season was, and it doesn’t seem like the Holiday movie break will be much different.

            Some of the major releases for the Holiday break include:

            -Tron Legacy (sequel)

            -Yogi Bear (Cartoon adaptation)

            -Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (sequel and book adaptation)

            -Little Fockers (sequel)

            -Gulliver’s Travels (book adaptation)

5 major releases all within weeks of each other that are based on some previously established story. Sure, there is the added appeal of adding new exciting special effects, but the story remains basically the same, and people have already seen it.

It is unfortunate that there don’t seem to be many good ideas left out there. Sure, a lot of the movies that come out are still good, but some originality would be good every now and then.

Inception seemed like it would be the beginning of a comeback for original movies, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case.