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UTSA student organization highlight: Q&A with Club Quidditch officer

Quidditch player takes a hard fall. Photo courtesy of Renn Leber and Miguel Esparza

“You’re a wizard Harry!” Now you, yes you, can be a wizard like Harry Potter. Well, maybe not just like Harry, but there is still hope for you. UTSA has its own Quidditch Team for “muggles.” What in tar-nation is a “muggle” you may ask? According to Urban Dictionary, a “muggle” is a person who possesses no magical abilities. Well, that’s me; where do I sign up? Pump your brakes kid. Before you start to daydream of becoming the next Greatest Wizard, take a closer look into the wizardry sport with Quidditch Officer Sam Benavides, a sophomore biology major.

Q: So what is your best way to describe Quidditch?

I would describe Quidditch as a sport that is hilarious in theory but amazing to play. When it comes to how it’s played, I’d say it’s a mix of a bunch of sports from dodgeball to American football. The goal of Quidditch is to score more points than the other team. The field is 60 yards long and 35 yards wide. There are 3 hoops on each side of the field and 7 players for each team. They consist of three “chasers,” one “seeker,” two “beaters” and a goalie. The game is played with one “Quaffle” (a volleyball) that is thrown into the hoops which are worth 10 points. A team can defend their hoops by tackling a player, or the “beaters” can throw dodgeballs at the ball carrier to end the drive. Picture this, a random dude in a yellow suit with flags running wildly around the field — their job is to avoid capture from the “seekers.” If caught, the team with the capture receives 30 points and then the game is over.

Q: How did you all do last season and how is this coming season looking so far?

Last season we did pretty well, we made it to the Elite 8 at nationals out of 100 universities and ranked as one of the top eight teams in the country. I think this season we have a team that is really inclusive and really open with each other. I genuinely believe we can do great things this season, like winning Nationals, but I’m trying to not count my chickens before they hatch.

Q: How long does your season last?

The season starts in August and ends in April with the national tournament. There is a summer league though, which takes place starting in May.

Q: How can a person join the team and what are some requirements to become a member?

To join the team, come to our practices at the Recreation fields on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 8 p.m. I’m happy to say that we are very inclusive and we welcome people who do or don’t have any sort of athletic background. As far as requirements go, to be a member that competes in the tournaments, it’s simply paying dues to the organization and paying your membership fee with the national organization called the United States Quidditch (USQ). 

Q: What are some big events that are coming up for the organization?

On the weekend of Oct. 26, we will be tabling at Alamo City Comic Con again this year. We are very excited about going back and sharing the world of Quidditch.


For more inquiries please message their Twitter or Instagram accounts. Twitter: @UTSAQuidditch Instagram: @utsaclubquidditch

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