Is it still appropriate to abide by the laws of the 19th century?

Is it still appropriate to abide by the laws of the 19th century?  Should we revert back to putting cocaine in our cokes and not allowing women to vote – better yet, why don’t we just bring slavery back? If these ideas seem awful to you, then why would you abide by these same rules when it comes to dating?

Some women say they prefer to be pursued by men because after all, it is “their” job.  As strong as women are today, it’s odd to believe that these same women would be comfortable with men calling all the shots. This may not be true for all women, but when it comes to asking a woman out on a date, it’s considered the man’s job.

In the games of love as well as war, there are risks that come with making the first move.  I’m not a fan of making the first move; however, there is a difference between asking a man out and having him ask you out.  It’s all about strategy. Women aren’t inclined to make the first move because that could seem desperate, masculine and unattractive. 

After asking women around campus I’ve found that most of them believed that a man approaching them shows confidence and assertiveness; likewise, these are the traits that they find attractive. They asked me, why should they have to ask the guy out? Well, it might be a little more efficient than waiting around, but the woman asking the man out seems less plausible emotionally.

While we do have a wide array of strong women presented in society, there are still movies that perpetuate the issue of the female persona. According to the cinematic timeline, we all are supposed to wait for prince charming to come along and he’s suppose to climb up our long hair and save us.

This could be the reason why we are stuck in the classic way of doing things. There is no harm in keeping chivalry alive, but every now and then it’s good to change things up and begin a new trend.