Big Sis Advice: Queen-dom


Big Sis Advice

Kimiya Factory

“No one likes a woman who wears too much makeup.” 

“You know I love you, I just couldn’t help myself, she was beautiful.” 

“Nobody will put up with you but me, so don’t go looking.” 

Yikes. It stings when you see those words written down, doesn’t it? Believe me, coming from someone who’s been there and not only heard these things with my own ears, but also started to believe them. Comments like these are common in a lot of relationships. Despite society’s tendency to dismiss abusive relationships based on how “young” one can be in college, these words and actions cut deep nonetheless. This article is for the women whose crown falls from time-to-time because sometimes their light can shine just a little too bright for somebody who has trouble appreciating them.

Although red flags are easy to sniff out, it’s common to ignore your gut feeling when you’re really digging somebody. A toxic relationship isn’t something that anyone anticipates; it becomes something that people find themselves in. However, does circumstance excuse excessive insecurity and blame in a toxic relationship? Never. Assuming you’ve heard anything like the sentences in the first few lines of this article, I want you to know that firstly, as alone as you might feel, more people hear those things than you think — you’re not alone. Secondly, you are a queen, nothing less, never forget. And lastly, there are so many fish in the sea, and if you don’t want another fish, be your own

So, wear as much make-up as you want, another woman’s beauty doesn’t justify cheating and look wherever you need to look if it means getting away from a person who takes you for granted. It is the best thing for you. Queen-dom comes with sacrifice and lessons learned but the silver lining in all of it is you.

For my Queens,


Big Sis