Free to Please


Kirkland Luther

Paper Tiger, located downtown on the St. Mary’s Strip, recently concluded their annual “Free Week” concert series where local and surrounding area musicians perform free concerts at the venue for four days. Now it is time to update your New Year’s playlist featuring performing artists from last week’s concert series:

Wayne Holtz mesmerizes his listeners with infectious and raw pop melodies. His dazzling shows command attention and get anyone’s feet moving. Songs like “Bored on the Dance Floor,” “A Minute with Mark,” and “Black Attack” continue to energize San Antonio with positive, passionate and honest lyrics about overcoming anxieties, love and sex.

The Cops are a part of “Houston’s finest” punks protecting and serving the current state of affairs. Their 11-track debut LP, “First Offense,” clocks in at a rapid-fire 20:14. Dispatcher sound bites mixed with fuzzed-out vocals about police brutality, privilege and corruption shout over heart-pounding beats in moments like “Protect and Serve,” “Downtown” and “Night Stick.” Dressed head to toe in lampooned officer uniforms, The Cops captivate audiences with adrenaline-fueled truth of injustice.

Oxford defines ‘pantheon’ as, “a group of particularly respected, famous, or important people” and PNTHN live up to the name. PNTHN is a collective of nine rappers, producers and engineers hailing from San Marcos and are one of the most important groups today. Their uplifting, catchy and distinct flows found in tracks like “AZTEC,” “Megatron” and “Communion” have listeners hitting repeat and turning their volume up to 11.

True Indigo hypnotizes the San Antonio soundscape with sonorous croons, driving drums and bending basslines behind grooving guitar riffs. Songs such as “Moonshine,” “I Saw Purple” and “Loretta’s Bender” drip droning tones down listeners’ ears and into glistening puddles of psychedelic garage rock.