Hollywood Sucks


I love movies. Usually, when time and money allow, I like watch a new interesting movie and just hang out with my friends. However, this summer I saw only three movies.

Movie theaters are entirely too damn expensive. I’m not throwing down almost ten bucks and just hoping Will Ferrel brings the funny this time. I have to really feel that I’m going to get my money’s worth, and lately that just hasn’t been happening.

I can’t remember the last time Ashton Kutcher did anything worth noticing, so I failed to see the point in paying to see him and Katherine Hiegl run around in some formulaic action/romantic/comedy mess.

I wasn’t interested in the new Twilight film at all, because lets face it, I’m not the target audience. And don’t even get me started on Marmaduke. That’s easily a new low for Hollywood. A movie based on a comic strip is already a bad idea, much less Marmaduke.

Granted, the movies that I did see were all pretty good. Toy Story 3 was easily the best animated film I’ve ever seen, and a satisfying conclusion to a journey most fans started at a young age. Inception was original and entertaining from start to finish. Iron Man 2 was fun, even if it is not as great as the first film.

Despite the best efforts of a few movies, this summer, for the most part, was a disappointment. And that made me sad, since going to the movies has become less and less worth the price due to the lack of quality being produced by Hollywood.

Instead of accepting the mediocrity that big Hollywood puts out, seek out worthwhile entertainment. Rent more movies from Netflix and Redbox; support more independent films; or even watch old movies that are already of proven quality. For the most part, there is nothing going on in Hollywood worth all of the effort and money to go to the theater.

It’s hard to tell what direction the film industry is going in, but if this summer is any indication, its nowhere good. So instead of riding the sea of mediocrity look for other forms of entertainment. Play video games. Find a new band to listen to. Or maybe even read a book. Remember those?