Pay attention!

One weekend, I was riding in the car with one of my friends. She got mad at me because we were having a conversation and I was texting. As she’s looking at me, asking me if I was paying attention, we almost got side swiped by this huge truck.

I would like to point out that she was not texting. While my friend may not have been texting, she wasn’t paying attention. 

I get it, texting and driving is bad–really bad.  Over the past four months, I’ve noticed more advertisements geared toward the dangers of texting while driving. According to, one in four of American teens of driving age say they have texted while driving, and half of all teens ages 12 to 17 say they have been a passenger while a driver has texted behind the wheel.

I can understand America’s urgency concerning texting while driving. However, did it everyone occur to anyone that some people are just terrible drivers.

Why aren’t there any large campaigns against eating while driving? Better yet, why aren’t their any large campaigns against putting make-up on while driving? Yes, texting is distracting, but so is a double cheeseburger from McDonalds with Mac sauce.

The truth of the matter is, ever since Oprah made such a big deal about texting, everyone immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Oprah is her own House of Representatives; she speaks and America listens.  If she isn’t giving away something, she’s campaigning for something. You can sign Oprah’s No Phone Zone pledge if you want to, but it is not guaranteed to keep you safe. Instead of blaming texting, why don’t we focus on being better drivers?