Baseball: Roadrunners off to a great start

It has been two years since the Maverick’s stepped to the plate in San Antonio. Minutes into the game, UT Arlington at bat, our very own Steven Vasquez throws strong leading to a 3 and out.

When the bottom of the first began, James Kiethley batted first for an out. Then Tim Palincsar walked, Micheal Rockett made a base hit. Right after, Jose Hernandez and Tyler Carpenter both had base hits ending in two base runs scored by Palincsar and Rockett.

In the second inning, while the Mavericks were up at bat, Vasquez throws a devastating three and out once again.

Taking the plate soon after, the Runners had two base hits which lead to a few stolen bases in which Kiethley and Phillip Allen took to the plate off the bat of a triple struck by Rockett.

Only into the third inning and the Roadrunners to keep to chains moving leading 4-0.