You’ve been Shanked


Joey Shank has made a reputation in his time at UTSA as a three-point machine. But there is more to Shank than just three-pointers. He recently took time from hitting threes to sit down for an interview with The Paisano.

How did you end up at UTSA?

I am from Folsom, California it’s a small town and not a lot of athletes come from there so I went to junior college and Coach [Dan] O’Dowd started recruiting me heavily in junior college.

Were there any other schools that showed interest in you?

I was recruited by Montana in the Big Sky, Santa Barbara in the Big West, and Marshall in the Conference USA. But UTSA showed the most interest in me.

What have the last two years at UTSA meant to you?

It has really meant a lot to me, I don’t regret it, it’s a long way from home but I have made long lasting relationships here. I have had a great experience both in basketball and school.

What is your favorite team?

I am a local guy, so I like the Kings in Basketball, even though they are struggling. In baseball I like the Giants, and football the 49ers. I like to watch them, I’m just a sports guy.

If you could play for any NBA team who would it be?

I would either go to the Kings or I might end up in Miami for the atmosphere.

What does your schedule of classes look like?

I am an economics major so I am finishing up with an economics class and I have a Texas politics class and a career services class so I have a pretty full load. But I am scheduled to graduate on time, so I am excited.

Who has been your biggest influence?

I have had a lot of people influence me. I had a friend who became a professional athlete and he told me what it was like but also my parents and coaches had a big influence.