Writers don’t have it so bad

If you think it’s hard to be an English major, imagine, how difficult it is to be a successful English major. I have no clue what your article was meant to deal with. First it was too hot, then although you’re able to take criticism, you were not able to shrug it off. Secondly, was the mental image of ‘Shroyuken’ of the heckler or of the Savior writer? Whichever it was, you then pushed the reader into the world of self pity because writers have it the most difficult.

Not the doctors, social workers, nurses, counselors, or even researchers… but the English majors. Yet, if two and two always equal four, and it is that easy, then the cure for disease and social responsibility becomes equally attainable. Shame on all other majors for failing us.

Finally, the hateful readers were moved into a world where it is okay to hate or love Hemingway, but by no means able to criticize a newspaper which has endless typos, grammatical errors, horrible reviews, and an actual high school inspired section: Photo Poll.