Baseball Upsets No. 19 Texas in Austin


Palmer Wenzel pitches to the batter. Ethan Gullet/The Paisano

Claire Coburn

For the first time in 12 years, the UTSA baseball team defeated the University of Texas at Austin (UT) at Disch-Falk Field, winning 10-7 and marking the fourth ever win in Austin.

The Roadrunners trailed 6-0 until the fifth inning with UT’s outfielder Duke Ellis, outfielder Eric Kennedy and third baseman Ryan Reynolds scoring in the first inning alone. UT scored another three runs in the third inning with back-to-back homeruns from red shirt sophomore Zach Zubia and red shirt senior Tate Shaw, the latter of which also led Reynolds to score as well.

After a scoreless fourth inning, the Roadrunners seemed to finally come to life, scoring a total of eight runs in the fifth inning. Griffin Paxton started off the scoring spree with a double that was shot down the left-field line, sending Jonathan Tapia to third and sending Joshua Lamb and Shane Sirdashney home to score, putting two up on the board for UTSA. Senior Brian Arias singled, allowing Paxton and Tapia to score, bringing the Roadrunners up to four. Reynolds slipped up at third base giving UTSA a break, allowing Nick Thornquist a single, letting Taylor Barber advance to second, advancing Dylan Rock to third and sending Arias home to score, making it a one score game.

UTSA refused to let up. Sophomore Bryan Sturges hit one to right field immediately after, allowing Rock to score, tying up the game. However, the Roadrunners weren’t finished, and Lamb cranked one out to right field earning a single and sending Chase Keng and Barber home to score, finishing out the fifth inning 8-6.

UTSA came out in the sixth inning denying UT a run, bringing the score to 9-6 after Barber drove one out to right field which sent Rock to second and allowed Arias to score. UTSA continued to hold UT in the seventh inning, and racked up another run after Lamb singled, which sent Sturges home to score, bringing the score to 10-6. After an uneventful eighth inning, UT attempted to climb back up, with Reynolds earning a single and sending Kennedy home, making the score 10-7. However, UT’s efforts were not enough, as they ended up falling to the Roadrunners by three runs, with the final score at 10-7.

This is a historic win for the Roadrunners. Their next big rivalry game will take place Tuesday, March 5, at Roadrunner Field in a one game match up against the Texas State Bobcats, after losing a series to Bradley College 2-1.