A celebration bursting with color


A colorful vendor selling drinks with a smile. Jack Myer/The Paisano

Breahna Luera

On April 12, Roadrunner Productions hosted UTSA’s annual Fiesta event at the Sombrilla. Students got rowdy while celebrating one of San Antonio’s oldest traditions with food, music and more.

Fiesta originated in San Antonio to honor those who fought for Texas’ independence at the battles of San Jacinto and the Alamo. Many nonprofit organizations come together every year and host a variety of events around the city for the public to enjoy. One of Fiesta’s longest lasting traditions is the Battle of Flowers Parade, which originated in 1891, where decorated floats ride around the streets of San Antonio to celebrate those who fought for Texas’ freedom.

UTSA wanted to contribute to Fiesta in its own way, and thus the Fiesta UTSA event was born in 1978. UTSA celebrates Fiesta by having students come and enjoy live music along with a variety of foods and entertainment so that they can get a taste of one of San Antonio’s most unifying events; this year was no exception.

This year’s Fiesta at UTSA was filled with liveliness and fun on a warm, sunny Friday afternoon. Live mariachi music rang through the Sombrilla while people walked around and were offered food from Mexican fares like churros and mangonadas to Asian dishes like bahn mi or onigiri (Japanese rice balls). Some stands offered things other than food such as t-shirts, cascarones, medals and sashes to display the many unique Fiesta medals many already had. All stands were run by individual student organizations who offered a piece of Fiesta culture in exchange for funds to support their organizations.

Some hardcore Fiesta devotees embraced the Fiesta spirit by dressing the part with colorful dresses and ponchos. There was a feeling of unity throughout the day as the community full of vets and first-timers alike came together to embrace the city’s history in a celebration that was bursting with color and culture.

While the Fiesta festivities at UTSA have ended, the 10-day city-wide celebration begins on April 18. You can check out fiestasanantonio.org for more information about the events going on in San Antonio and continue your fun in the upcoming weeks. ¡Viva Fiesta!