Thank you for reading


Editorial Board

Dear readers,
We are The Paisano independent student newspaper. Our independence makes us
unlike any other collegiate student publication in Texas. We are a non-profit. We own
our building – The Paisano Media Arts Center. We provide the means to practice journalism
at UTSA, as there is no academic journalism program at this university. We are
here for you when you need to get the latest news on campus, pack for your next move
or stay dry in the rain.

Our independence places us into a rare category of university publications – a
student-run publication not owned or funded by the university. Many university-funded
student publications risk being censored or defunded by their universities or student
governments. This threat is a major problem for college campuses and a healthy
democracy; however, it is not a problem for The Paisano.

Since 1981 The Paisano has been publishing the news for the UTSA and San
Antonio communities. The creation and success of this publication is dependent on
the hardworking students who volunteer their time to write and produce the print
and online newspaper each week. The mission of The Paisano is to create a space for
students interested in all things journalism.

At The Paisano, students are able to freely express their creativity in a professional
and volunteer-based environment. This publication provides a way for students to get
real journalism, multimedia and design experience on their own terms. This opportunity
has led many of our previous editors and staff members to graduate and establish
careers as lawyers, professional writers, graphic designers, accountants and in awardwinning
professions. The Paisano helps pave a pathway towards success for everyone
who walks through our doors.

Because of UTSA students and faculty, as well as the outreach of the San Antonio
community, we are able to publish each issue with the promise of impartiality and
journalistic integrity. The Paisano promises our readers to provide quality coverage
of all sectors of the community, including the controversial student and faculty issues,
new and updated university policies and administrative decisions.

Most importantly, this publication would not be so successful without you – our
readers. We are rewarded for all of the hard work that we pour into creating this newspaper
by seeing students and faculty picking up the latest issue off the stands, seeing
our views skyrocket on our website and having our peers and professors engage with
us about the work we do. We love receiving commentary from our readers and encourage
you to tell us what you think. Come to The Paisano Media Arts center and be a
part of this incredible organization.

Thank you for reading and supporting us for nearly 40 years. We look forward
to sharing our writing, our organization and our newspaper with you for another
great semester at UTSA.

Thank you for reading,
The Paisano Editorial Board