Big Sis Advice:#ChangeRapeCulture


Photo Courtesy of Dominique Beltran

Kimiya Factory


For survivors-

A broken heel sits in your closet.
Strap broken, heel chipped.

“Why haven’t you thrown it away?” You ask
yourself the same question every day after you
stare at your heel for 30 seconds, swallow the golf
ball in your throat and close the closet door.
Putting it all behind you until you have to see the
broken heel when you get dressed the next day.
You threw away your panties from that night, took
so many showers you lost count. You almost forget
you were raped until it wakes you up at night.
But you can’t bring yourself to throw away the


Maybe the heel will glow one day offering you a
free slot to travel back in time and change the way
things went down that night.

Maybe the heel makes everything real,you aren’t

Maybe the heel will remind you not to wear a pair
the next time you go out again, if you ever go out

Because the heels made your legs longer, attracted
him to you.

But you didn’t. You never asked for it—and you
never will.