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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    Spotlight On: Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO)


    Silicon Valley was started by Stanford entrepreneurs; the Semiconductor and Technical Industry of Austin was started by UT entrepreneurs. College students have played major roles in revolutionizing the technology world.

    In a recent poll conducted at UTSA by Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO), more than 80 percent of UTSA students said that they currently don’t own a business but would like to, and 80.8 percent said that they would use a student entrepreneurship center if it was available.

    How can the entrepreneurial spirit move UTSA to tier-one status? Through the development of an entrepreneurship center on campus, students will be provided with guidance and the opportunity to build the San Antonio community with innovative technology.

    CEO is spear-heading a movement that will make a generate some of the state’s top-notch entrepreneurs with the development of the UTSA Student Entrepreneurship Center (SEC). 

    The center is in the developmental stages of becoming a place where all students can submit their ideas for an innovative product, service, industry or non-profit. 

    The SEC is not only geared toward coming up with new technology and ideas. Its primary objective is for Roadrunners to change the world by providing economic solutions to society’s issues. The SEC would provide feasibility testing of students’ ideas with the help of faculty and professionals.

    “The student would receive support in business plan development, legal framework development, marketing plan development, financial advising and profession counseling all for free,” said James Ward, CEO President and senior business administration major.

    “It would be supported by grants, donations, local corporations and possible university funds.”

    “It’s offered to both students and alumni,” vice president and management major Allison Linahan said. 

    “Alumni who need help starting their business can also come in and pitch their idea and be open to the opportunities of using all the same resources.”

    The most common reason great thinkers never start their business is because they do not know if their idea is good, and they lack feasibility testing and the knowledge of how to start a business.

    However, with the guidance of the SEC, students can test their ideas and take the necessary risks to start their business. The motto, “Come here, go far,” is taken to the next level as students have an opportunity to test their idea in a biannual student competition.

    CEO and Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (CITE) have a Student Technology Venture Competition awarding $100,000 to the winner in support of their revolutionary idea.   

    Last spring, UTSA students of PREE, LLC won the competition for their iPhone protective case that charges the iPhone with wireless local area networks (WLAN) and solar power.  The solar power reduces energy consumption.

    All majors are encouraged to learn the rules of the trade by networking with other multi-million dollar entrepreneurs at EO 24. EO 24, a global event sponsored by Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) that offers real-time learning over a 24-hour period throughout 40 countries and 120 cities.

    The event will connect the entrepreneurial community in each city as students obtain a superior learning experience.

    “They’ll have guest speakers from the organization, and it’s going to be a great networking event for entrepreneurs,” said Linahan. “It helps students network and mingle with a lot of people who have a lot of power and who can be a lot of help to you.”

    EO 24 gives entrepreneur majors and student entrepreneurs the opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs of multi-million- dollar companies, discovering what makes them successful. The event is comparable to speed dating as students learn from a vast range of entrepreneurs and guest speakers.

    EO 24 will take place worldwide on Nov. 18; information is available by contacting [email protected].

    For more information about Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the Student Entrepreneurship Center visit