Where do you fit in our democracy?

Editorial Board

When you walk through the Sombrilla on your way to class, you may see a collective of tables draped in table cloths sporting the logos of various political and civic engagement groups. What, at times, seems like the brink of a riot, turns out to be a myriad of Roadrunners from all walks of life contributing to the conversations that create our own little democracy – UTSA.

Given all of the useful resources available at UTSA, the opportunity to hear different perspectives is the most valuable of them all. In a polarized political climate, we are presented with an opportunity to delve into each other’s belief systems in an effort to improve our own. This opportunity amplifies the humanity of the people behind the views that comprise conversations.

Everyone involved in constructive conversations — both participants and observers — walks away with something valuable, regardless of whether the conversation was constructive. Approaching dialogue as if the other individual knows something you do not broadens perspective. Beliefs may not change, but understanding is deepened.

As Paisano editors, we recognize the importance of conversation by undertaking the great responsibility of contributing to the discourse of the UTSA community. We are not only devoted to providing students with real journalism and business experience, we are committed to cultivating a space for all students to contribute to constructive conversations. Our publications serve the UTSA community, a community built from diversity, and we want to ensure that these views are shared and discussed to enrich our community.

If you want to find your own way to contribute to the campus conversation and be a part of UTSA’s democracy, there are plenty of ways. Join an organization that gives you something to look forward to every week, attend a UTSA event that teaches you something new about our community or send us a letter that you think students would benefit from reading.