A refreshing angle to medicine


Graphic of a succulent in a vase. Emma Reeves/ The Paisano

Kasandra Parker

People flowed in and out of the Brick at The Blue Star Arts Complex on Saturday for the Aloe-Me Holistic Wellness Fair. The first of its kind, Aloe-Me presents a unique set of Holistic Wellness vendors including DDS Bioelectric practitioners, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Life Adventure Guide, Apothecary shops with products made from their own gardens and a Doula.

The fair was created by Aloe-Me Holistic Health founders Allison and Nikki Turner-Parker and comes from their desire to fuse education and holistic healing into a collaborative and engaging community.

“We are all about making true connections with our community and helping create a shift in the modern medical perception from the standard model, to something that can be more inclusive and helpful for every day health issues,” Turner-Parker said.

Vegan wines, tarot card readers, tea and natural stone jewelry businesses incorporating holistic methodologies lined The Brick, while guest speakers shared their passions over the microphone and captivated the onlookers with hands-on demonstrations and heartfelt origin stories.

The Turner-Parker duo worked together to educate the public on the different medicinal modalities available to the San Antonio community,” Western medicine is so amazing at saving our lives; however, it is not the only medicine available. We believe it is important for all the medicines to work in harmony,” Turner-Parker said.

Allison and Nikki strive for community involvement to complement the Holistic work they do, and they hope people leave the fair with a motivation to take charge of their health and a desire to be educated on the best options for health and wellness tailored to fit each individual’s unique constitution, “We hope that our community finds true connections with these holistic healthcare practitioners and consequently co-create abundant health and happiness in their own lives,” Turner-Parker said.

A rare gem in the SA community, Aloe-Me strives for monthly fairs over their usual biannual appearances. The Aloe-Me Holistic Wellness fair is becoming be a tour de force that will propel San Antonio into a new progressive tier for Holistic engagement.