56,743 is a good start


Let the number stay in your mind for a minute. The number means little aside from the fact that with that number UTSA set an NCAA record for a new program.

The record, of course, is for the number of people who showed up to watch UTSA begin their football program. The attendance record stood for 14 years in the care of the University of South Florida who set it with 49,212 people attending their first game against Kentucky Wesleyan in 1997.

It is safe to assume that the UTSA attendance record will stand for the forseeable future considering that none of the schools starting football in 2013 (none start in 2012) will have a stadium that seats as many people as the Alamodome.

Now that UTSA has played a game, fans need to remember that there are five more home football games remaining this season.

Fans will be as much a part of the program as the players and coaches. The fans must hold up their end of the bargain by showing up in mass and supporting the team, win or lose.

The attendance of 56,743 represented 87 percent of the Alamodome’s seating capacity. Not bad, and certainly much better than the percentage that routinely fills the Convocation Center or either of the baseball and softball fields.

Why can’t we get the same percentage of people to attend other UTSA games? Why, for example, can’t we fill the stands for basketball or baseball?

Imagine the Convocation Center filled up; it would be as much of an advantage as the Alamodome but on a smaller scale.

UTSA has the potential to be known for its home field and home court advantage. But people have to show up.