My Experience at Area 51


Leonardo Garcia

I touched my face and rubbed my eyes because they were hurting from how late it was. It was already Friday and I had a test in the morning; 8:30 a.m. to be exact. The silence along with the AC made me feel so cozy, making me wonder if I really wanted to take the test. Who knows? Maybe I could say I am sick and take the make-up exam since I have been studying all night long. Nonetheless, I decided to set my alarm at 8:00 a.m. I turned the light off, laid down on my bed next to all of my notes and I closed my eyes. I felt someone grabbing me from the hair and pushing me. “Hey, Leo!” “Wake up!” As I opened my eyes, I realized it was my friend. He somehow managed to come in. I guess I forgot to lock up the door. I felt excited, I hadn’t seen him in a while. Not gonna lie, I have been on crazy adventures with this guy and I was pretty sure he wanted to do something crazy. Oh boy was I right. “Let’s go, we need to leave. We are going to Area 51,” he said while grabbing some of my clothes. “I have a test,” I responded. I thought that an excuse would get me out of this madness. 

Not long after that, I was in his car driving to Nevada. The air smelled really fresh and clean. I was happy that my friend started to clean up after himself. The clothes were on the seats in the back. As we were getting closer to the base, the military force had closed the road. We got out of the car and opened the trunk. To my surprise, my friend had two full body suits cameos and a backpack. We put on the desert guided camo suits, took the backpack and walked towards the base. My friend motioned with his hands for me to follow him with his hands. There was a small group of people in the front of the base, but my friend skipped passed that group. There was a vinyl fence on the side of Area 51, so we stopped walking, and my friend pulled out wire clipper to cut the fence off. “Dude, are you sure we won’t get in trouble for this.” I’m  worried about my future. “Oh, we are definitely going to get arrested. IFfthey catch us.” He responded and marked out the importance of not getting caught. “It is the right thing to do, give them freedom.” He pointed out. I got this rush of adrenaline and as soon as the fence fell off open, we both ran in the most stealthy way. 

There were so many buildings, but we came to the conclusion that the building with the most guards was the most important out of all of them. That building was at the center of the base. It was still night time and I checked my watch; the hour was 5:45 a.m. We moved from our building cover to the parked vehicles. I started to get very nervous when leaving cover. There were guards everywhere and vehicles moving, so the cameras needed to be avoided. I couldn’t fight my fear anymore. I wanted to turn myself in, so I raised my hands and walked towards the closest guards. “Hey.. Calm down.” my friend whispered. He grabbed me and tackled me into cover behind a building. “I want out. I’m scared,” I said while looking him in the eyes. “Shh.” He tried to quiet me . “Why are you guys fighting?” A mysterious person said. At that point I felt like it was my fault we got caught. I was going to apologize to my friend when I saw that the mysterious man was JOHN WICK! “We have a job to do boys. Do not fight between us, we are all friends. Let’s free the aliens!” That was an extremely positive motivator. We both stood up as John Wick started telling us the plan. We needed to create a distraction for John Wick to find an opening on a blind spot in the middle building. I took a medium-sized rock and followed my friend. A group of military police were walking around the sidewalk, we threw ourselves to the ground and hoped the darkness would hide us. As they left, I see Wick from a window giving me a thumbs up. I stood up, threw a rock at a car and broke the window. The car’s alarm started to go off. Every guard went towards the car area. As John Wick opened the building’s big gates, aliens started to come out. It was then that I became a believer. Flying aliens were free, and they started to storm off running and attacking. A siren started to sound, signaling a red alert. We could see tanks and jeeps heading towards us. The guards were more concerned about the aliens attacking than us running. Soldiers jumped out of their jeep and proceeded to protect their base. We hopped into a jeep. As I was waiting for my friend to get into the co-pilot seat, John Wick entered the back of the car. I have never pressed the gas so quickly in my life. We wanted to leave the base. Our job here was done. 

Then, an alien blocked the road, so I made a quick turn and saw a tank. We were next to the alien, and the tank was pointing towards us. “Beeep, Beeep, Beeep.” I woke up to my test alarm. Unlucky. Well, at least it was a nice relaxing moment. As for my friend, I’ll give him a call to hang out. I am going to head out to take the test. Wish me luck.