Student fee increases proposed for Fall 2020


Graphic by Ethan Gullett

Joseph Torres

Proposals to increase various UTSA student fees have been recommended to the university. Only one of the student fees will require a referendum, which affords students the ability to vote on the proposed increase.

The Library Resource Charge (LM01), currently $5 per semester credit hour (SCH), was last increased in 2008. A proposal to increase the fee to $19 per SCH has been recommended with the following accommodations: extended library hours to 24/7 at the John Peace Library and 24/5 at the Downtown Library, additional study seating on the JPL’s third floor and easier access to course materials for students.

The Medical Services Fee (MS01), currently set at $32.70 per student per semester, is proposing a 9.48% increase to $35.80 per student per semester. The annual cost would increase from $65.40 to $71.60 for students. Additional medical services UTSA intends to provide are flu vaccinations, low-cost sexually transmitted illnesses (STI) testing, a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) program, specialty physician services and a hygiene dispensary program.

Campus Services has recommended an increase to four student fees: Transportation, Housing Rates, Meal Plan Rates and Parking Permit Rates. The Transportation Fee (TF01), currently $20 per semester, will require a student referendum, which students previously voted against in 2018. A rate increase of $35 for the Fall and Spring semester, and $20 for the Summer semester has been proposed. The general rate for housing is proposed to increase by 4.5% , with the double rate increasing by 8.6% . Meal Plans have been proposed to increase by five percent. Parking Rates for most permit types plan to increase by two percent, and student garage permits expect a 1.25% increase.

The Automated Services and Computer Access Charge (CA01) proposed an increase from $28 per SCH to $32 per SCH. The increase will aid the strategic investment for the purpose of bringing a Tech Café Storefront to the Paseo for students and faculty to receive walk-in assistance. This fee has not been increased in 10 years.

The Advising Charge (UGAF) currently charges students $120 per semester. An increase of $10.80 has been proposed. The fee increase aims to improve students’ access to advisors, provide more academic advisors and enhance services.

Counseling Services are currently available to all enrolled students. Counseling and Mental Health Services recommended a proposal to establish a $25 service extension fee for every student.

The Teaching and Learning Center Support Charge (TEAM) is $5 per student per semester. A proposed $5 increase of the fee, to $10, was made to support more student and faculty engagement both in and out of the classroom.

The Student Data Management Fee (RP01), currently set to $10 per semester, has proposed an increase to $15 per semester. This fee has not changed since 2003.

A deadline of Nov.1 has been established for a decision to be submitted to The University of Texas System Board of Regents.