Big Sis Advice: Self-awareness


Lindsey Thomas

Photo by Lindsey Thomas

Kimiya Factory

Lately, I’ve been practicing a motivational tool I overheard at a conference — self-awareness. Before I grasped what self-awareness was, I used to think it meant holding myself accountable when I’d go back for the second row of Oreos in the pantry.

Awareness of self means doing multiple jobs at once — it means becoming aware of and embracing our most human traits. I feel like I’m on a high horse sharing this with you after midterms when embracing my procrastination has been on my list of human traits. That’s the thing: being in college, surrounded by deadlines and pressure to “be someone” after we leave this place all comes crashing down following graduation. I’m very familiar with almost 75 percent of my daily thoughts centered on how I could be better or do better, but self-awareness means trusting that I’m better than who I was yesterday. Getting out of bed, putting on clothes and waking up to do it the next day deserves credit, and it means you are already halfway there — wherever you’re going.

There’s a fine line between being self-aware and ridiculing ourselves about things that take time to change. Love yourself. Give yourself credit for rolling out of bed. And if you’re reading this from bed, wake up tomorrow and try again.

For those who find themselves in the kitchen for another Oreo,
Big Sis