Midnight Paranormal Society Investigates Spaghetti Warehouse


Photo by Kimiya Factory

Kimiya Factory

It is no secret that college students have regular occurrences with hauntings in student apartments. Do you have a friend who needs help and thinks that no one will believe them? San Antonio’s Midnight Paranormal Society will.

On Oct. 26, San Antonio’s top non-profit paranormal investigative team, Midnight Paranormal Society, hosted a live tag-along paranormal investigation at the historic Spaghetti Warehouse. “Spaghetti Warehouse was opened in 1972, but before it was a restaurant, the building was a shoe factory,” Shelby Ramzinski, service manager of five years, commented. “I’ve seen orbs in camera monitors when I’m closing; I always feel like something’s watching me.” Ramzinski and other employees report seeing the spirit of a child who plays between the barstools and resides in the front restroom.

MPS is composed of field investigators and clairvoyants that use technology such as team live streaming video, a spirit box used to communicate with the paranormal, EVP sessions and other electronic tests to survey energy levels or temperature changes in order to rule out any scientific explanation for strange phenomena that occurs. Founded in April 2008, Mike Cardenas makes one thing clear about the organization: they are there to help anyone who needs it. “The reason I founded MPS was because when I was younger, my family was visited by the paranormal when a neighbor of mine came over and played with a ouija board in my home, leaving a portal open. After that occurred, it made me want to found MPS with like minded individuals who can help those who have experiences with the paranormal, bringing awareness and being there to show people that we are a walking testimony of these things existing,” said Cardenas.

Having investigated over 40 cases in the San Antonio area, MPS investigates their clients’ locations and offer cleansings for those seeking answers for unprecedented occurrences. On Saturday, MPS hosted an evidence presentation, Q&A panel and a tag-along investigation at midnight for curious attendees of the event. The five-hour investigation revealed more than one spirit’s presence, including live evidence of the reported child spirit.

Cardenas wants to remind San Antonio residents, “If you’re ever in need of our assistance, it’s free of charge. Know that no matter how severe the experience, we’re going to be there from beginning to end.”

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