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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Atheists preach the ‘good word’

I feel disgusted that I’m writing about the Atheist Agenda because they have already garnered more time than they deserve.

Maybe you had time last week to stop by their table where they were giving away pornography for Bibles at their event known as Smut for Smut. In reality, this event should be called Attention, Sluts for Sluts (pun advisory).

If you didn’t stop by, you missed out on a chance to be evangelized – I mean educated to the ideas of atheism. This anti-religious group spent their time giving literature about atheism, denouncing religion, and trying to anger as many people as they came in contact with.

The funny thing is that after talking to them for a while, they start- ed to remind me of something really familiar…Oh yeah – a religious group.

The Athiest Agenda has obviously taken a page from the Tea Party or Westboro Baptist Church, who both write shocking signs that are rac- ist and homophobic in order to get their points across.

Here’s an idea; If we offend as many people as possible and argue with them, they will instantly turn from their erred and ignorant ways and have atheist salvation. In ad- dition to porn they had plenty of Bible tracks – I mean atheist tracks – to help the non-believers become believers (or is that the other way around?).

Maybe you didn’t have time to read their literature. Then you could have stopped and talked to their attention-starved, televangelists – I mean charismatic truth spewing leaders. These people had all the makings of the perfect televange- lists minus the fancy suits, gaudy jewelry and magic hands that heal people. They even were filming and recording me while I talked to them, I guess so they could catch the instant that I found Jesus, I mean lost Jesus and became free.

Didn’t have time or the courage to stop and talk to them? Then you could have stood from afar and watched the radical Jesus people argue with them.

Honestly, instead of yelling at each other they should have done it true Darwinism style – survival of the fittest. Tell me you wouldn’t pay to watch the Atheist Agenda vs. Westboro Baptist Church in a battle to the death – “Gladiator” style. Then maybe they could all destroy each other and the rest of us could live in harmony.

The honest truth about organizations like the Atheist Agenda, the Tea Party, Westboro Baptist Church or any other radical organization that spews hatred towards alternative ideas is that they don’t improve the state of our consciousness, our society or our sex lives (porn doesn’t equal sex, it equals lonely masturbation).

Radicals view themselves as rev- olutionaries, but they really only end up producing loud-mouthed attention whores. The scariest part of this is how violent offenders are born. You see, violent offenders have taken their hatred and frustration and gone one step further and murdered innocent people. Hence, why we should lock all these radi- cals in a cage and let them hurt each other.

So thanks again to the Atheists Agenda for reminding everybody that radicalism and mindless anger always bring about logical thinking and global harmony…Oh wait, sorry, that’s called tolerance.

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