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The Paisano

Fashion with a cause


One in four women are in an abusive relationship. Pamela Taylor was one of those women.

“I tell people I am a survivor not because I want people to feel sorry for me, not by any means. It’s to give women hope, I survived and I promise it gets better.”

Pamela Taylor was the key speaker for the Fiesta Do Hair and Makeup Fashion Show.

The show opened its doors last Friday evening not only for a fun and colorful show but to donate all its proceeds to the San Antonio Battered Womens’ and Childens’ Shelter. The night consisted of bright fiesta colors, loud dance music and lots of great attitude, not to mention a great display of local talented fashionistas.

Taylor co-founded and is the executive director of the Dress for Success San Antonio Chapter, an organization that helps disadvantaged women and their families in the San Antonio area. Taylor and Dress for Success work together to help women find jobs, gain economic independence and end generational poverty.

Carrie Von Louden, owner of the Artistry Company, did all the makeup for the show. She lived next door to a battered home. Both parents of the household were addicted to drugs; their house was in no condition to raise children. Von Louden knew that their two girls, who were seven and eight, needed attention. Being an ex-cop she knew she had to call Child Protective Services. Von Louden took the girls in for two months before they were taken to their grandparents. One can tell she was touched by the event.

So of course the Fiesta Do fashion show was an easy decision for these women. The cause was personal.

There were numerous people involved in making this show a success. Carrie Van Louden and Pamela Taylor. Victor Garcia and JD Ramirez of JD and Victors Hair Studio did all the hair. Frank Vecchio, the manager of the Radius, opened his doors to all the models and guests of the event. Majuer Hernadez is the director of promotions and also helped to get everything off the ground. All these important people and many others dedicated so much of their time in making sure that the fashion show was a success. Even the models volunteered for Fiesta Do. Claudia Martine, one of the many models, has been modeling for five years.

When asked why she was volunteering at the Fiesta Do, she gave a simple answer. “Why wouldn’t I?” She said. Everyone was completely dedicated to the cause. And the outcome was beautiful.

Every model was done up like fine artwork. The models were dressed in bright fiesta-themed colors and danced and flaunted their way down the runway. In between runs, entertainers kept guests amused by dancing and lip-syncing to popular Lady Gaga and Katy Perry songs. Models wrapped fiesta party beads around guests. The night ended with a silent auction that benefited the Battered Womens’ and Children’s Shelter.

That Friday night was dedicated to those women that needed it most. Fiesta Do was for the survivors and those that have gone through domestic abuse. The night was an excellent celebration for those that deserve to be celebrated and honored.

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