Who have you thanked today?

Last week as a Paisano staff member was distributing newspapers on campus, a fellow student came up to her and said two little words that completely caught her off guard.

Thank you.

It’s such a simple message, but not enough people say it these days.

Growing up most of us are taught to say “thank you” when we were given something or if somebody did something nice for us. Or just as a follow up to “please.” But what about somebody who is doing something for everybody?

Those who distribute The Paisano, do so for the entire university. But it’s still nice that somebody verbalized appreciation for the work.

Manners haven’t completely gone out the window, but the meaning might have. A lot of times people will say “thank you” or “please,” but they don’t really mean to. They say it because they know they should. But that’s like saying “I love you” to your mom just because you have to, not because you really do love her. It doesn’t mean much.

There are so many people on this campus who do a lot for the UTSA community. It’s not just students and faculty; there are planners, builders, public relations specialists, housekeeping and maintenance staff.

Next time you get to class early and you see a maintenance worker, take the time to say “thank you.” It’s likely they haven’t heard that from a student in a while.

Or if somebody holds the door open for you, thank them loudly, instead of just mumbling it while they walk away. When you’re ordering from Starbucks, throw in the word “please” once in a while. It seems so small, but when you say it with meaning it will come across loud and strong.

So in the spirit of things, The Paisano would like to thank you, our readers. Thank you for picking up our issues up every week and showing your support.