Non-smokers treated unfairly on campus

I have been bothered by the smokers since I started at UTSA.

Especially the fact that they smoke in areas close to doors and walk ways where all the non-smokers have to pass through. It makes me sick!

Outside the HHS building, where all the tables are, that’s where all the smokers gather to pollute the air. I would like to go outside and sit at one of those tables, to enjoy the cool air, and do some homework as I wait for my next class.

The non-smokers don’t have that privilege to be able to use those tables because of the intoxicating air overrun by the smokers. I think they are very greedy for making the area their smoke den.

If UTSA doesn’t ban smoking then smokers should gather in the middle of the open fields and keep clear of doorways and walkways to show some courtesy to non-smokers.