UTSA partners with Japanese University

The University of Texas at San Antonio and Kumamoto University of Japan signed a cooperative agreement establishing an institution-wide program of exchange and collaboration in areas of interest on Friday Sept. 3.

The agreement promotes interest in the research and teaching of both institutions and deepen the understanding of the economic, cultural and social issue environments at both universities. Faculty and students will collaborate in research, teaching and participation in study abroad programs.

UTSA has formed approximately 50 global partnerships. This is the first formed with Kumamoto, San Antonio’s sister city. Kumamoto gave gave the San Antonio Botanical Garden its Japanese garden in 1989.

Aside from Kumamoto, San Antonio has eight other sister cities: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain; Chennai, India; Guadalajara, Mexico; Kwanju, South Korea; Monterrey, Mexico and Western Galilee, Israel.