What absurd assumptions

Music with substance. It’s obvious to me that you know nothing about music with substance. I’d like to point you to Fabian, Mary Hopkins, Opportunity Knocks, Leif Garret, The Osmonds, The Partridge Family, Tiffany, New Kids On The Block, Nsync, Backstreet Boys and hundreds of other pop idols of yesteryear.

Your assertion that the 2000s will go down as the era of manufactured pop is laugable at best. Every single era of music has manufactured pop. From the 50’s with pop idols like Fabian and Chris Montez to Justin Beiber and Kelly Clarkson. Music shows like Idol are nothing new either.

Lady Gaga is not a danger to music either. I agree that maybe her music is pop, but she won’t go down with Creed and Toby Keith as garbage. Sonically, she offers more than these two artists.

Next, you list a bunch of classical artists and include by some baffling logic Too Short and Eazy E. I’m as much of a fan of rap as the next person, but these two are not on the same level as Stevie Wonder or The Beatles.

Finally, there’s a reason MTV hasn’t shown music videos in years. It’s due to two things; the lack of artists caring about music videos and the advent of the internet. Why would they put a video on MTV when you can get more exposure on YouTube?

I don’t worry about what people will think about the 2000s because there’s innovative music in every genre of music now. From Lady Gaga and her electronic pop, to Gorillaz and The Killers, to some of the bands you mentioned.

Either way, it’s absurd of you to make the assumption that the 2000s are the only era to have pop/mainstream manufactured music.