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The Paisano

Coffee House Wednesdays

Coffee House Wednesdays



This past Wednesday, Oct. 12, the University Center Program Council (UCPC) hosted its weekly Coffee House series. The opening artist was UTSA’s very own Alex Fisher, followed by the singer/songwriter, Robin Smith.

Fisher’s melodic voice filled the courtyard with covers of contemporary songs including Jason Mraz’s  “I’m Yours;” Parachute’s “She is Love;” and Paramore’s “Only Exception.”

Singing since she was able to speak, Fisher’s Christian musical background has led her to become the musician she is today.

“I started singing in church, leading worship,” Fischer said. “And that ultimately lead me to being on my own. By the age of fourteen, I was playing in coffee houses and places a like.”

Of all the songs she’s covered, Fisher has a particular favorite that she enjoys singing time and again.

“I love covering Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah,” Fisher said. “Although it is probably one of the most covered songs, I still love doing it.”

While all artists strive to get their work recognized, Fisher’s inspiration to continue pursuing her passion stems from a different source. 

“My goal isn’t to be famous; it’s to share my music. If you’re good at something, you should share it,” Fisher said. “You shouldn’t keep your talents all to yourself; God gave them to you to make other people happy.”

Typically, performers have rituals that either calm them down or psyche them up right before their show. And Fisher has a few of her own that prepare her before every performance.

“I get excited and tell myself that this is what I love doing,” Fisher said. “For my voice, I will drink water and eat honey straight from the bottle! It helps coat my throat before I go onstage.”

As a UTSA student, Fisher also has to balance priorities like school with her passion of music.

“School is first, but I must stay sane. So, music is my outlet to relieve myself and be happy,” Fisher said. “Sometimes it’s hard; you can be blinded by passion. But at the end of the day, school is my priority and music is my passion.”

The combination of powerful strumming, a soulful voice and metaphorical lyrics creates the music that belongs exclusively to Robin Smith. The Minnesota native moved to Austin, Texas in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. The “Live Musical Capital of the World” was actually a last minute move; Smith was originally going to move to Los Angeles California, but was glad to have decided to come to Texas.

“The people here are genuinely friendly,” Smith said. “I have a group of friends that I get together with and we’ll just sit around in a circle and start playing our music; each person sharing their music. They’re my home away from home. Austin is awesome and ‘it’ for me.”

She’s lived through the emotions and situations described in her lyrics. The theme of love lost and hurt runs predominantly throughout her work, but one song in particular holds a personal meaning to Smith.

“My song ‘Good Enough’ was the first song I wrote when I came to Austin. It’s about tough times growing up; childhood,” Smith said. “Every time I play it, it takes me home. It’s pure, honest and true. I held back nothing.”

With the debut of her album at the end of the year, Smith is anxious about her first release, but eager to have people listen to her music.

“I love music,” Smith said. “Loved it since I was young; can’t imagine not doing it. It’s natural.”


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