How is this fair?

What a double standard.

So much for the so called “Zero Tolerance for Hazing.” This has now opened the doors for any future hazing at UTSA to be appealed. FIJI shouldn’t have been kicked off. They should have just told members to stay quiet; after all, Kevin Price would have just slapped them on the wrist and allowed them to be on their merry way.

This is an example of aired dirty laundry that our poor administration has failed to follow through. I bet Greek Life won’t even issue out a statement to advocate for all other Greek organizations on campus who follow a strict anti-hazing policy they so lovingly drive into our ears at what is now pointless “Townhalls.”

Phi Mu’s statement reads, “We regret the actions of the members of our Epsilon Sigma Chapter last fall. Phi Mu has strong policies against hazing, and we take action when policies are not followed. We are committed to our mission of supporting our members in their personal and academic development and in that light we are cooperating with the University to work with our chapter. Our chapter has been placed on national probation through March 1, 2011. The chapter is suspended from participating in social events. They are continuing their philanthropic work along with our mission of service to others. Phi Mu staff and national officers have and will be visiting the chapter to provide extra resources including training and programming sessions. A nationally recognized anti-hazing educator will be presenting to our members. For inquiries please contact Darlene Reyes, Phi Mu Executive Director, at [email protected] or 770-632-2090.”

Too bad they laughed it up when they were featured as a top story on Fox News.

Why does the rest of Greek Life need to take the blame for women wanting to tie their girls up, lock them up in rooms, and succumb them to a degenerate form?

For the record, Cortopassi, Greek life isn’t about finding the need for acceptance. It’s about building leadership skills, networks and a respect for the community as a whole. You have no right to bash what you’ve never experienced, nor can you quote someone you’ve obviously failed to interact with.