Free movies without having to leave campus!

UCinema Night

On Jan. 21, the University Center Program Council (UCPC) hosted UCinema Night and showed the movie Jackass 3D. A repeat of the movie was shown the following day in the University Center.

Student participants shared laughs all night in response to the outrageous cast in Jackass 3D. Each cast member participated in at least four different stunts within the movie and each stunt triggered many facial expressions from students as well. Some of the stunts ranged from repeated bee stings while hitting a bee-filled tetherball in undergarments, to being rammed repeatedly by a ram while playing a tuba.

Also, Steve-O, a cast member, is strapped into a “portapotty” which is filled with feces and vomit, but the “porter potty” is attached to a bungee cord. The “porter potty” is then released and he sky rockets in the air, while his body is violated with an enormous amount of “crap.”

UCPC’s Member Jerome Scott said, “we put on programs for students to have a way to stay on campus and to keep them [away from sites] that aren’t school sponsored. We put on programs every week, Wednesday through Saturday.”

Students are encouraged to participate in UCPC’s weekly meetings on Fridays at 5:00 p.m. in the UCPC office in order to give their input on what is desired for upcoming events. UCPC hands out flyers every week about their events and students can also become informed about events on campus through UCPC’s website, ( The student turn-out for UCinema Night is about 130 students on Friday and about 80 students on Saturday.

Freshmen kinesiology major Jaye Washington attends UCinema Night every weekend and he feels having movie nights on campus “is really amazing.”

Junior pre-nursing major Candis Tarawally said “Tonight is my first night, but I would like to begin coming more often. I think [UCinema Night] is very fun and entertaining and keeps students out of trouble on a Friday night.”