Student creates unique tradition

What do you get when you combine office supplies and Red Bull? UTSA students will show off their talents this Thursday as they create ambient tunes using staplers, textbooks and rulers for instruments during the Red Bull Music Competition.

The competition is hosted by Chase Thomas, sophomore marketing major and Red Bull employee.

“My absolute priority and goal is to promote tradition here on campus and if the event goes well, Red Bull will make sure this happens every year,” said Thomas.

This unconventional musical contest consists of two 60- second rounds where teams of students will perform songs using only scholastic and office supplies and Red Bull cans. During the first round, teams will perform a cover song they choose. In the second round, teams will perform an original song using the same materials. In the event of a tie, there will be a third and final round to declare a winner.

“We’re going to try to do an extra popular song so people know what we’re playing,” said sophomore chemistry major Leslie Chang. “I usually don’t get involved on campus but it sounded like my kind of thing.”

Chang and a teammate heard from Thomas about the event a few weeks ago. After watching a previous musical event on Facebook, they went to work on creating their own sound.

“It sounded like fun, but it also looked pretty intense,” said Chang. “We’ve been trying, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds.”

Chang and the rest of her team will compete against six other student teams on Thursday. The third place prize will be a free case of Red Bull. Second place will win a night out in San Antonio where Red Bull will pick up the tab, and the grand prize will be tickets to Red Bull’s Thre3style, an international DJ qualifying competition, this Saturday April 16 at Sunset Station. Winners of the Red Bull Music Competition will also be entered in the National Competition held in Dallas, Texas.

“Right now I’m also working on setting up a Red Bull Chariot Race for next semester,” said Thomas. “It’s been more for Greek life in the past, but I want it to appeal to any registered student organization.”

Thomas will also be screening the documentary “Bouncing Cats” at Karma Lounge, between The Cantina and The Paisano, on April 19.