Disappointing journalism

Firstly, I must congratulate the author of the Jan. 24 Editorial, entitled “Nazi methods used in American system.” The writing could be used in an American History course as a textbook example of yellow journalism.

Instead of relying any kind of fact, the editor bases his or her entire approach on the use of ghastly amounts of pathos to mask the utter lack of substantive content. The first two (of three total) columns in the editorial were completely devoid of any facts, and the third provided no information on where the seemingly random numbers that were included had originated from.

Even more deplorable than the lack of substantive content in the editorial was the blatantly sensationalist title. The clear attempt to make the euthanization of animals in America seem like a reference to the gassing of human beings is misleading and completely against the tenets of everything that honest journalism stand for.

No matter how valid the original topic of discussion, the intentionally misleading presentation of the information took away from the legitimacy of the issue.

Walter Cronkite would roll over in his grave if he were to see what you have done.