Inflated grades or prime example?

I found your speculations regarding the UTSA GPA information very insulting to the College of Education faculty and students alike. Your implication that either the grades are severely inflated, or that the curriculum is not particularly difficult, is an insult.

Your speculations are a dangerous accusation. The students who choose this college will be the educators of your future children. We are entering a profession that has many uncertainties due to being at the mercy of budget cuts that we have no control over.

What we do have control over, is doing our best as students to raise our grades to be more competitive for hiring when we graduate. Perhaps you should delve further into the personalities of the students who work very hard to make themselves more appealing to future employers.

You may have even answered your own question, the College of Education may just be a model for the university as far as GPAs are concerned. The reason is the fine faculty who strive to impart the importance of doing well.

Several of our upper level course require that we earn a B or better in order for the course to count toward graduation requirements. There are several factors that could be involved without implication that the program is inflated or not difficult.

You really should apologize for maligning the reputation of the college, and insulting the faculty and students.