2011 Spring Film Festival brings culture to campus

Diversity. Passion. Illegal immigration. Lust. Arranged marriage. War. Life. Relationship. Crime.  All of these words could be used to describe the 2011 Spring Film Festival showing on campus March 4 through 9. 

Dr. Ellis-House, a French professor at the University picked all five movies with the explanation that “the films were chosen to represent the diversity of today’s French cinematography and to reflect upon a number of social issues including migration and multiculturism that are pertinent to French and American societies.”

The festival is a theoretical melting pot of issues, problems and emotions that everybody can relate to. A dash of lust and human interaction from the perspective of a girl going to high school starting fresh in a new city. “The Beautiful Person”, or “La Belle Personne” looks at love and relationships through young innocent eyes, enticing the audience with entangling images of first love and lustful raw romance. Flowing well into the relationship between friends and arranged marriage, “Le Chant des mariees”, or “The Wedding Singer” paints the struggles of a friendship trying to survive during the time of Nazi occupied Tunisia.

We can relate to the denial and fear of the protagonist with La Fille du rer, or “The Girl on a Train” trying to escape her ugly past. “Welcome” looks at illegal immigration from the eyes of a refugee, speaking loudly to the political issues we are having in our own backyard.

The festival ends with “35 rhum” or “35 shots of rum,” one last look at intertwined relationships and life as a whole. The issues covered in these films not only take you all over the world but also our own backyards. Beautiful pieces of work that speak to the individual no matter the audience.

Students have taken it upon themselves to have a huge part in this ongoing event. Everything short of picking the films was done by students.

Screenings of all five movies will be held in the Science Building and Retama Auditorium. Admission is free and food will be provided, and you are supporting your fellow students. Is there any reason for you not to go?