Oh Yes I did!

I’m going to have to credit UTSA for my parking rage. It wasn’t until I got a parking pass that I learned the true art of stealing a parking spot. I didn’t realize I had a problem until I was at Target stalking people in the parking lot for their spaces. Then, there was that poor women at HEB with her three children. (Seriously, parking for people with children, oh come on!)

Incase you missed the parking situation that occurred the past week because you were busy being crammed like a sardine into a shuttle, here you go! Did all of the freshmen decide to bring their cars? The first week of school I was reduced to parking three miles away from the school. All kidding aside, I paid $105 for a parking pass when last year I paid $80. I’m already not enthusiastic that I have to pay $25 more to be late to class.

It isn’t going to take much to push me over the edge.  What’s with everyone showing up for the second week of school– really? Usually, the plan is to wait for everyone to stop going to school, which happens during the second week.

 Maybe I’m a little ahead of myself, but still parking is out of control.  For all of you who prefer to back into your parking spots, I would advise you to be careful.        One morning I woke up late and I was running behind on parking time.  I drove up and down every single aisle. I asked everyone how close their parking spot was.

All I kept hearing was, “I’m sorry I don’t know where I parked” and my personal favorite, “I’m not leaving.” Finally, I found a parking spot that was just close enough for me to make it to class on time.  

There was only one problem; there was a car in front of me.  I thought it was kind of strange how this car passed up a perfectly good parking spot. I swooped in and took the parking spot! Little did I know, a car was trying to back in (not my fault).  As I’m getting out of my car, all I’m focused on is getting to my class on time. Out of my peripheral vision I see this man glaring at me very angrily.  I turn and I look over at him and he says, “Nice parking job! I reply, ” Thanks!” And then he began speaking French. 

The saying “come here, park far” still rings true even after building parking garages and the making of additional parking lot spaces–who would’ve thought it?