Another parking article

Parking sucks. We get it. It’s been this way for years and no matter what parking and transportation services does to “fix it,” it will always suck. It’s not really their fault; they’re just too many students in cars and not enough parking spaces. We obviously can’t tear down any buildings on campus to create more parking, and there is only so much land we can buy around us to accommodate. So the solution is up to us.

It would be lovely if everybody could pull in and find a spot easily. No waiting, no honking, no UTSAPD directing traffic. Just a simple parking job, as if you were going to HEB.

In the real world, however, this can’t be done. Most commuters allot time for traffic; UTSA students have to allot time for traffic AND the minutes spent waiting for someone to pull out, or maybe following someone to his or her car. Creepy? Maybe, but it gets the job done.

In these first couple of days (or weeks) of classes, everybody uses parking as an excuse to be late to class. And while most don’t mean for it to happen, it does.

But there are only so many times you can utter “parking was a nightmare!” to a professor who’s class has been interrupted.

What makes this excuse even worse is that we knew parking was going to be a problem. Nothing has changed from last year, except that parking in the parking garage now costs $.50 more.

So let’s get real now.

Give yourself ample time to get a spot. If you live 15 minutes away, allow about 45 to get to campus, find a spot and walk to class. Don’t hover near a spot in the hopes that somebody will leave. If they found that spot, they won’t be willing to give it up so soon. Don’t follow every walking student thinking he or she will lead you to a spot; the student will probably just walking to The Oaks anyway.

Consider parking in lots 10 and 11 or in the Valero lot and taking the shuttle. The money you spent on that parking permit and parking and transportation fee is paying for that service anyway.

Use the services provided. Or consider riding a bicycle. The benefits are two fold–you’ll get plenty of exercise and parking will not be a problem, and you’ll save some gas and maybe even your sanity.

If all else fails–hitch hiking is an option.