UTSA represented poorly at town hall meeting

Recently, various town hall meetings were held by the United States of America Congressional Representatives concerning the current president of the United States of America’s “Health Care Reform.” A few managed to present believable facts but the Congressman who represents the UTSA area failed miserably at being truthful and honest.

He was deemed an expert by the introduction but soon proved by his own words that he knew very little about the matter and presented only half truths under the concept of “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

For example, he deliberately failed to inform the public that under this concept, to determine eligibility, everyone will have to give his/her federal income tax information to the health care czar whether you want to or not. If you do not sign up for the plan, you will soon be notified to give up your information to determine your eligibility. (Knock, knock! Your socialist government is here, open the door)

To fund this boondoggle idea, other failing government programs will be scrapped to fund this one just to be able to say how successful this has worked. Nothing was said by the congressional zero that your federal income tax would go up by way of reducing the tax brackets so that now you would in reality be paying more. (your tax level would not increase but the amount of tax increments would).

In addition, the UTSA congressional representative also refused to state whether he would be under that same plan.

And yet, with all the “little proofs”, some professors at teaching institutions still manage to show their “lack of knowledge” when their only input continues to be that people are acting unruly and that the real issue is really something else.

What a travesty when patriotic citizens continue to be bombarded with accusations of “racism, code talk and un-civil manners.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with the chant that people should take back their government from those who want to slowly sneak in socialism in the form of “government help.”

If you are lazy, let the government take care of you, if you desire to work hard, let capitalism do it for you.

Et tu Brutus?