UTSA men’s basketball to play against Brigham Young University

On Nov. 21, the UTSA men’s basketball will play the first game of a six-game road trip against the Brigham Young University (BYU) Cougars in Provo, Utah.

The Cougars, a potential top 25 team in the country, look to regroup against UTSA after two losses to Florida State (70 – 88) and Notre Dame (78 – 88).

“We’re not going up there to spend money and lose. Our guys are a pretty resilient group. We never guarantee victory but I can promise you that we are going to give them our best shot and we are going to play as hard as we can and compete. I’m pretty confident,” said Head Coach Brooks Thompson.

BYU forward, Brandon Davies, currently averages 18 points, 5.6 rebounds while shooting 52 percent from the field.

BYU loves to push the ball in transition and to keep an up-tempo style of play. This could have a detrimental effect on the Roadrunners as UTSA lacks depth in the back court. Guards Michael Hale III and Kannon Burrage need to stay out of foul trouble for UTSA to have a chance against BYU.

“I like playing in big games. Everybody shows out when we play big teams. I definitely prepared and I know my team is going to be prepared,” said UTSA’s forward, Larry Wilkins.

UTSA must “show out” if they want to beat BYU. The Roadrunners are no stranger to beating the odds.

UTSA is on a three game winning streak with two of the wins against Holy Cross and Old Dominion.

“We think with the team we got this year, it doesn’t matter who we play we are going to compete, and they are going to have to beat us. It’s not going to be an easy game. They are going to have to beat us, and if they aren’t ready, we are going to go in there and win,” said UTSA forward Jeromie Hill.

The Roadrunners and Cougars tipoff at 8:00 p.m. The game will be televised on BYU T.V.