Get over the freshmen experience


It is often said, “Take as long as you can in college because when you get out into the real world, you’ll wish you would’ve stayed longer.”

Funny, college for me is about as real as it can get managing my own budget, keeping up with all of the organizations I’m in and focusing on my course work.                                    All the while trying to pay off the loans, I have yet to tell my parents about, if the “real world” is worse than this, I may as well quit while I’m ahead.

I grew up in a family centered on structure and rules. Once I got to college, I felt as if I was granted a ‘get out of jail free card’ by Rich Uncle Penny bags himself (the monopoly guy).

When I left for college my parents told me, “Your only job is to go to school and make A’s.” They expected so much from me, but didn’t weigh in the factors of the “real world.”

 My first night moving into my apartment I had my first sip of alcohol. It was all I had imagined, and then I threw up.

I grew up fast freshman year. I was partying three-four days of the week and doing the minimal amount of course work. My roommates were complaining because              I was never at home, but what they didn’t seem to realize was that I had spent my entire life at home. At that time, college was the place I went to be myself and escape from the totalitarianism government I call a home. In high school my curfew was 9:00 p.m. When I went to my senior prom, I had to be back at midnight!

The transition from high school to college doesn’t have to be difficult. The expectations here are clearly different than in high school.            

Professors’ move at a quicker pace and require more note taking and class attendance. The ideology is simple, you’re paying all of this money for an education, why not make the most of it? Yeah–I know what you’re thinking, your schedule is spaced out and light so that means that you have all of the free time in the world. WRONG.

Freshman year proved to a productive lesson in time management and organizational skills. It’s all fun in games until you realize just how much fun you’ve been having.