Boardwalk on Bulverde brings worldly tastes

Upon walking up and down South Congress Street in Austin, Texas, it’s hard not to notice the frenzy of food trucks parked along sidewalks and streets with customers waiting in long lines for gourmet street foods.

The food truck culture is not unique to Austin; it has been sweeping the nation by storm in the last few years.

Luckily, San Antonio also has a permanent fairground called the Boardwalk on Bulverde for these unique food trucks to gather in one place, offering various options for hungry customers. With foods varying from down home Cajun cuisine to traditional Pakistani cooking, it’s hard to go hungry on the Boardwalk.

Among the nine different food trucks on the Boardwalk, one can find an array of diverse flavors. If you are craving the comforts of Mom’s home cooking, the Guilty Pleasures truck puts a tasty twist on the comfort foods we know and love. Their gourmet mac n’ cheese has a sense of flare with hints of rosemary and fresh garlic and is sure to please any picky eaters. For those who lean towards the spicy side of the food spectrum, Spice Runner offers different meats from around the world, all stuffed into a tasty pocket pie; their Caribbean pulled pork pockets are a few bites of tender, spicy pork that pack a tasty punch.

If you prefer the classic styles of street food, Toastie Buns offers a delicious selection of burgers and sides that take American style food to the next level.

They also offer a delicious Greek salad with large portions of red onion and feta cheese for those looking for more healthful choices.

Other great traditional food trucks include R&R Chicken Wings and Taco King. If you’re looking to venture into globally inspired dishes, Taste of Columbia is a great place to get started. Their sabor plate comes with perfectly sweet fried plantains, a savory empanada, juicy beef and a generous serving of rice and beans. Rickshaw Stop also offers foreign flavors with their Pakistani kebobs and other flavorful dishes. Their diverse menu offers inexpensive options with their beef, chicken and veggie samosas at $1 each. The Lagniappe food truck offers a Cajun flare to San Antonio cuisine. Their savory yumbo gumbo is made with love by native Cajuns, so you know it’s the good stuff! Lagniappe also offers other Cajun specialties such as chicken and waffles, sausage po‘ boys and spicy crawfish Etouffee.

Ready for dessert? KC’s Cones has a refreshing variety of snow cones and ice cream bars that are a perfect way to finish your eating frenzy. The various menus on the Boardwalk on Bulverde have a variety of affordable items, all ranging from $1 to $12.

The Boardwalk frequently has various movie nights, Octobeer Fest and other affordable and entertaining events that are great for a night out with friends. You can follow the Boardwalk on Bulverde on Twitter at #theBoardwalkSA for event information and food truck updates. The Boardwalk is open Thursday-Sunday 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for dinner and Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. for lunch. The Boardwalk is located at 14732 Bulverde Rd.