Make yourself at home: Candlelight Cafe

Candlelight Café is “…like no other” just as their slogan states. This unique romantic coffeehouse welcomes an eccentric crowd of individuals that buzzes with conversation even on a late weeknight.

This comfy alternative to the everyday, busy, overrun Starbucks is located on North St. Mary’s Street, which allows easy access without the frustration of downtown traffic and confusing streets. The coffeehouse is located inside a small, ivy covered corner building that could have once been a residence.

A combined coffeehouse, wine bar and bistro with full menu, Candlelight is the first of its kind in San Antonio. It caters to all situations, but its environment is particularly conducive to study, especially because the café provides free Wi-Fi. Find a seat in the cozy interior, decorated with antique couches that you could just sink in as the feathers poke out from the cushions. It is reminiscent of home. The super comfortable couches combined with the delicious freshly brewed coffee, tea, wine and gourmet menu makes Candlelight’s an ideal atmosphere for study sessions or late night conversations between friends.

The closeness of the tables allows you to be more involved with your friends and their conversation as well as being able to order a full dinner from appetizer to desert and being able to have loud conversations and not feel bad for making too much noise. If you still think you and your friends are too loud than just go outside to the twinkly-lit patio with remarkably comfortable iron chairs and tables.

Upon entering the house you are welcomed by a wall of various wines for all ages from all around the country. You can buy a glass of wine for around $8 or buy the bottle for about $28. Candlelight has quite a collection of whites and reds that could satisfy anyone’s palette.

Check out Candlelight on the 2nd Wednesday or 1st Friday of every month to listen to free live music, featuring Laura Marie , and live San Antonio Jazz.

If you are looking for a new date spot, this would be a fantastic alternative with its lighting that creates a romantic feel. Closely arranged tables allow patrons to get cozy. Candlelight’s menu would really impress that perfect someone. Their red velvet cake is to die for, it melts in your mouth.

On top of their daily menu, Candlelight Café now offers brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the afternoon, which provides a large menu to choose from ranging from traditional pancakes and eggs to smoked salmon or a turkey club. This wide variety is bound to interest anyone in your family or group of friends.