Don’t be ignorant

As a member of Atheist Agenda, I’d like to say a few things to Gonzo Smothermon and a few others. First off, you claim as if Atheists believe or worship Satan. As an atheist I don’t even believe in Satan, or hell for that matter. So the fire and brimstone method of trying to scare people into religions is exactly what most of us are against. It shouldn’t take the fear of hell or Satan to make you want to believe in a God. Belief in a God should be a personal thing that someone decides on their own without being overwhelmed with fear every time they “sin.” Although, in my opinion, exploring multiple religions and beliefs is the only true way to see what you believe to be the best.

To say you would never agree with anything an atheist says makes you completely ignorant. People from both sides, religious or not, can be very well educated. Just because we don’t believe in “the word of God” doesn’t mean we don’t know anything about it.

To the gentleman from a few issues ago who was quoting the student handbook, Smut for Smut was not directed at any specific group; therefore, it was fully within our rights to conduct the campaign. It was not discriminatory, nor was it intended to interfere with a student’s academic progress.

Also, the pornography was handed out in envelopes; therefore, people were not exposed to pornographic images, and we encouraged people to not open them on campus.

To the author of the original article, I feel as though it was written in a very biased light. Portraying the agnostics as peaceful when you yourself were sitting with them? I feel as though the article should have been produced by a bystander, not someone involved with the protest. Agnostics sitting in the middle were just as aggressive at times as the crazy man growling in tongues.

Smut for Smut was not meant to offend; it was meant to spark conversation, and it did. We had a huge turnout of people who simply wanted to talk about religious issues with us and find out our stance on the matter. We gladly listened to theirs if they would listen to ours.