Skaters have a right to ride

Skateboarding IS NOT A CRIME, and should not be classified as one. I am one of the many college students cruising around on a longboard (a longer version of a skateboard).

I have never hit anyone, but I have nearly been hit several times by people who aren’t paying attention to the pedestrians on their way to class. All forms of transportation have, some kind of danger level, whether its walking, driving or whatever.

Despite Sylvia’s misinformed opinion, skaters are not permanently attached to their boards, and I have never seen a skateboard on campus with straps, clips or any other form of foot fastener. How would we get moving?

Skaters are very aware of their surroundings and are very defensive when it comes to cruising through a crowd of people or down a half-pipe. If a skater can be fined for skating on campus so should someone riding a bike or texting while they walk. Those darn texters are always looking down, and I have been nearly taken out by several of them.

Jokes aside, skating is not a crime, and whether you are the president of the college or a student of that college; your opinion should be informed and well thought out before just blabbering on about how it is so dangerous and whether or not one could do tricks on it or not.

The fact of the matter is skaters are also pedestrians just as bicyclists and walkers. Every person should have their choice of transportation without discrimination. Skaters can decide whether or not to do tricks, and are not attached to their boards physically, maybe emotionally but that’s a whole different subject. Furthermore, tricks can also be used as maneuvers to avoid a wreck or another pedestrian so don’t be to fast to judge.

Skaters are here; they’re college students and they have a choice. We shouldn’t have that choice revoked because of a few people’s misinformed opinions.

I’m a skater, I use my board for transportation as well as for pleasure; please don’t take my choice to ride away.